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GLI: Guaranteeing randomness

iGaming is growing rapidly all over the world, in both established and emerging jurisdictions. This exciting world of iGaming is attracting developers from outside the gaming industry who may not be as familiar with certain terms, and the GLI team helps developers navigate this new world.

 One common question is what is an RNG (Random Number Generator). In short, the RNG is the core of the gaming product. The RNG is a computer system or device that provides random results for games, and all gambling games use either an electronic RNG, or a physical randomness device (such as a roulette wheel) to produce random game results.

 An RNG is a critical component of iGaming that must be adequately and fully tested to ensure non-predictability and no biases exist towards certain game outcomes. A tested and certified RNG can give confidence to players who participate in the game. In all regulated gaming markets, the RNG must be tested to be approved for use in the jurisdiction.

GLI has the most experienced and robust RNG testing methodologies in the world. This includes software-based (pseudo-algorithmic) RNG’s, Hardware RNG’s, and hybrid combinations of both.

 GLI uses custom software written and validated through the collaborative effort of our in-house mathematicians and industry consultants. An RNG Test Suite is applied for randomness testing. GLI also uses software to perform certain calculations, estimations, and graphical plotting with the data used during the evaluation.

 When an RNG passes certification testing, it is issued an RNG certificate, and this certificate does not have a specific expiration date. Regulated jurisdictions may change or update their rules from time to time, which may eventually lead to a need for updated testing.

For regulated jurisdictions, the RNG should be tested against the proper standard requirement. Some jurisdictions may accept a GLI-19 certification directly, but most will require that the RNG be certified against their requirements. Because GLI-19 overlaps well with the requirement of many markets, transferring your testing may be a simple process in many cases.

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