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Konami’s Beat Square a hit at G2E

Konami Gaming says it saw outstanding reception for its Beat Square rhythmic gameplay skill-based release at G2E this year.

Beat Square Tournament made its industry premiere at the show, hosting on-going competitions with crowds of visitors.

Beat Square challenges gamers in a skill competition of rhythmic coordination to tap choreographed square buttons as they light up to the beat of the music. As announced at the show by Global Gaming Business, Beat Square has been awarded Best Slot Product in the 2017 Gaming & Technology Awards. This landmark product release stands alongside an array of original Konami developments including its Frogger: Get Hoppin’ skill-based game, Crystal Cyclone community-style multi-station, premium Concerto Opus cabinet with a 65-inch video screen, and more than 100 different slot games focused on creative engagement and enduring entertainment value.

“The excitement surrounding Beat Square has been incredible. Crowds lined up to join the tournament, top players kept coming back to defend their high scores, and eSports-style competitors teamed up to attempt some of the most challenging songs,” said Steve Walther, senior director, marketing & product management. “We brought a full Beat Square Tournament installation to G2E as a glimpse into the potential for new gaming entertainment. The response has been widespread enthusiasm. Seeing the industry come together to experience this completely one-of-a-kind game has been unforgettable.”

Based on technology developed through iconic Konami creations like Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Square is equipped with a variety of new and recognizable tunes. After players enter their initials and the game begins, patterns illuminate across the button dashboard for players to tap with the beat to earn higher scores. Players see instant feedback with every tap—whether early, late, good, perfect, or miss. Rising scores are displayed in real-time throughout game play, as well as tournament and top leaderboard rank.

“Creative entertainment is at the core of Beat Square,” said Walther. “Leveraging proven technology from our amusement arcade division, Konami has introduced a skill-based tournament game unlike anything else the gaming industry has seen. It’s just one example of how Konami is pioneering future product to reach new and expanding audiences with novel creative development and gameplay experiences.”

Other examples include Frogger: Get Hoppin skill-based, which invites players to navigate the iconic frog through a road and river crossing course for increasing scores and potential cash prizes, and Konami’s Crystal Cyclone multi-station game, with bonus events that draw the attention of all players to a center roulette-style progressive feature in a burst of excitement. Konami’s latest core slot product releases are also driving new creative entertainment to the gaming floor with never-before-seen single screen game adventures, novel progressive bonus mechanics, Castlevania themed slots inspired by the popular video game series, and an all-new large format machine called Concerto Opus with a 65-inch HD screen.

“Concerto Opus is the latest addition to Konami’s proven Concerto Collection of video slots, offering a new super-sized format to feature a leading library of single screen game content,” said Walther. “Games like Riches Drop Plop Plop Peach and Solstice Celebration Triple Sparkle maximize the machine’s extra-large display with surprising bonus events and fun animation to delight a variety of player audiences. In addition, the machine features a variety of unique hardware features such as a custom-lighted TouchDash button deck, dual spin buttons, 4K-capable display, and optional USB charger to further welcome enjoyment by players and pairs.”

In addition to an emphasis on single screen games, Konami’s G2E 2017 lineup includes a strong variety of never-before-seen standalone and linked progressives. More than twenty different types of progressives are featured across the Concerto Collection, including a robust offering of symbol-driven jackpots. Money Galaxy’s cumulative triple bonus rounds, Power Boost Inferno’s level-up wheel spin feature with a Supreme jackpot center, and Castlevania: Ring of the Heavens’ symbol-trigger bonus adventure are among the all-new play mechanics premiered during G2E 2017.

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