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Smart tables an essential component

Interview with Walker Digital ahead of ASEAN 2019

1) What has been the biggest development for your company in Asia this year?

We are Asia-focused as a business, and so the continued and rapid growth in the region is tremendous for us. Additionally, the gaming industry as a whole has recognized that today, smart table games are an essential component of any pre-opening strategy and so we are benefitting from expansion in new as well as established markets. Now that smart table technology has been proven with large installations in multiple regional markets, we are seeing a huge uptick in the adoption of our flagship smart table products, Perfect Pay and Perfect Table, with many operators reaching out to us as an established and trusted supplier of RFID-enabled table games products.

2) Where are you experiencing the most demand at present?

We are experiencing demand from operators across the region. There are new phases of growth in emerging markets as well as continuing strength in the Philippines. Macau continues to be a primary focus for us. With the coming together of the growth of gaming across the region and table games automation as a critical part of casino operations planning, we are actively engaged in every Asian gaming market.

3) What are your plans for 2019?

Having played a leading role in the establishment of the smart table as a critical consideration on any gaming floor, in 2019, we are all about extending and expanding the footprint and capabilities of the platform and continuing to add innovative features that excite players and drive incremental revenues. We are offering our products over more game types and launching new player-specific content and game features. We will continue to be a value-added supplier in partnership with our casino customers.

We are also honing in on mid-hand wagers, our Elite Bet offerings. The success of our first mid-hand wager in Malaysia, Baccarat Insurance, has exceeded our expectations with rapid player adoption and with the excitement it adds to the game. It has proven to be extremely popular with players across all casino segments.

4) Which do you see being the most promising markets in the next few years?

The adoption of our product platform and general growth across the region continues to create opportunities for us. We are entering a significant growth phase. We also establish strategic, long-term partnerships with our customers and so are equally focused on our existing customer base as we on new customers.

5) Are you making any changes in Asia, either expanding your team, or management, to take advantage of market opportunities?

Our presence in Macau, where our main base of operations is located, is expanding. We are growing sales and support capabilities and have also recently added further executive bandwidth in Macau. The team continuously grows with our customer base. We already have sales and support coverage across the region, and it is increasing both through significant growth in our Macau entity as well as network partners in the area. Recently, we established a business entity in Australia where we have also expanded our manufacturing capability.  

Walker Digital will be sponsoring and speaking at the ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019. Tune in on March 19, 2019 to hear from Jay Walker, Founder, Walker Digital as he discusses his vision of the future of the gaming industry.

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