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AGA hits back at NYT fantasy sports gambling article

The American Gaming Association hit back at the New York Times over an editorial piece written on the need to rein in online fantasy sports gambling, saying the newspaper “missed the mark”.

The piece published on October 5 discusses the proliferation and dangers of fantasy sports gambling in the US. 

It says last year 41 million Americans and Canadians played fantasy sports, up from 27 million in 2009, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

“The allure of profits from gambling clouds otherwise rational minds. Giving people more ways to bet on the outcomes of sports is sure to threaten the integrity of sports and create more gambling addicts, especially among young people who are already more likely to engage in risky behaviors,” the report states.

However, the AGA said the NYT fails to mention the proven benefits of regulation and that prohibition on sports betting is a failure. 

“In the unregulated market, integrity cannot be guaranteed and dollars often fund criminal enterprises. Yet this seems to be exactly what the New York Times – which makes not a single mention of regulation – is promoting. More big-government dictates on what games Americans can and cannot consume is destined to fail.”

The AGA went on to defy the description the NYT gave of a typical casino goer.

“Moreover, typical casino visitors defy stereotypes. Most are between the ages of 21 and 59, and a plurality earns $60,000 to $99,000 a year. They’re also well-educated, churchgoing voters who contribute to their communities. And when they visit a casino, most set a budget of less than $200.”


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