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GMA releases proxy betting white paper

Global Market Advisors (GMA), a leading hospitality research and consulting firm, focused on the global casino gaming, lodging, tourism, and airline industries, has issued a thought-leadership piece entitled, "Proxy Betting in Southeast Asia, Insights and Evaluation of the Product's Potential," authored by Shaun McCamley, who heads GMA's office in Bangkok, Thailand.

The white paper provides an educational overview of proxy betting, clearly defining what proxy gambling is and how it differs from other forms of remote gaming.  The paper also examines the pros and cons of proxy betting and offers an outlook of its future. Specifically, opportunities have opened up in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines where proxy betting regulations are less rigorous and more open to operators' interpretation according to McCamley.

Shaun McCamley contends that player anonymity is the number one reason why proxy betting has become so popular. Because of China's continued high profile anti-corruption drive, players are reluctant to travel or be seen playing at casinos. Mr. McCamley further states that, "Players for whom, for one reason or another, cannot leave their home country, either through inconvenience or visa restrictions, proxy betting allows them to overcome these hurdles and enjoy casino gambling." 

The whitepaper also examines how casino operators can maintain a competitive edge with proxy betting and offers a proxy betting gaming revenue projection example. McCamley explains that a proxy betting service is relatively straightforward to install and opens up a casino operator's latent revenue creation capabilities while keeping normal associated player incremental costs low.

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