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Offering table games and more

Table game technology has come a very long way from the days of the “dumb table”. As operators and their customers become more demanding, gaming suppliers have had to invest heavily in R&D to provide the right services to the market.

Floor-wide, real-time data has become the catalyst for much of these advancements. For example, Walker Digital Table Systems, the developer of the “Perfect Play” solution for table games, has not only continued to add new and exciting features to their product but has also been developing innovative new products made possible through via its table games automation platform.

While the platform was designed to solve common live table games issues such as dealer accuracy, accuracy in player ratings, and ensuring game security, these days, WDTS has gone beyond the table to introduce new features and products made possible by the Perfect Pay Platform.

Neil Crossan, WDTS’ Commercial Officer, is looking forward to showcasing many of these at G2E Asia this year, “We are excited to demonstrate what is possible when we build on the Perfect Pay platform – these are features that extend into the cage, empower marketers, and deliver new and exciting player experiences.”

Hidden Treasure Bonus

The new Hidden Treasure Bonus from WDTS selects random winners from live play that is automatically tracked on targeted Perfect Pay tables. No manual rating entry is required. Promotion set-up supports many different prize types per promotion with different player type and value criteria options. Promotions can be run for specific times during the day as well as for certain days of the week or month.  Additionally, any Perfect Pay table can be included in a promotion, allowing the casino to target specific gaming areas or pits with unique promotions and player bonus opportunities. Integration to player tracking systems allows marketing teams to fine-tune player participation.

Games of Wealth Series

WDTS will also present two titles from its new Games of Wealth series that offers players new ways to play and win without changing the traditional rules of baccarat. Both Raise Baccarat and Baccarat Insurance lift house advantage while increasing the volume of wagers on the table and player excitement. Perfect Pay’s dealer support features ensure accurate payouts and a fast game pace.

Perfect Counter for the Casino Cage

PJM3.0 chip suppliers including Abbiati, Matsui, and Aruze will also be presenting their ranges of RFID gaming chips and plaques along with WDTS’ Perfect Counter. Perfect Counter’s readers and companion application display the count and value of chips placed on multiple connected antennas. Perfect Counter verifies casino chips against the casino’s master list with detailed chip information including Chipset, Casino ID, Site ID, Currency, and Negotiability. Perfect Counter easily integrates into any cage operating environment and supports any number of cage cashier or chip bank locations.

Modular Chip Tray Components and High-Capacity Chip Trays

Perfect Pay includes an integrated one or two-level chip tray with an industry-leading capacity of more than 1,300 chips. Operators can also choose an option that replaces the standard Perfect Pay upper chip tray with a carrier base that holds drop-in chip tray partitions for chips, jetons, and plaques of different sizes that can be used in any combination. Chip tray design can be modified on live tables as needed in just a few minutes without the need for special tools or training. Later this year WDTS will also be offering new dual-level chip trays with capacities of 1,700 and up to 2,500 chips.

Quick Change and Quick Buy In

Quick Change and Quick Buy In are two new Dealer Toolkit features that ensure fast and accurate table transactions. By leveraging intelligence about casino chips collected by Perfect Pay, player buy in and change transactions are automatically detected, displayed, verified, and confirmed.

Chip Based Player Tracking

The newest Perfect Pay module associates chips to casino player IDs for Chip Based Player Tracking. This feature exactly tracks chip transactions by known or anonymous players across the casino floor. When chip purchases are associated with players, it is possible for all play to be automatically tracked and optionally rated without manual procedures at the table. This feature has extensive use in marketing applications and player bonusing, and chip rolling programs.

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